Jamie Kuntz & Akiko Bremar, A&E Editor and Contributor

Cap House

University of Dallas’ Cappuccino Bar is probably one of the most popular hot spots on campus, where students can relax or study in a “chill” environment with a delicious drink and a friend or two. A place of social gathering and good times, during both the day and night, the Cap Bar also hosts weekly “coffeehouses” which give UD artists a chance to showcase their talents to fellow students in an intimate setting. The artists who perform at UD’s Cap Houses are mostly acoustic guitarists and vocalists, so the performances are more laid-back than full concerts would be. Alex Lebl, Director of Musical Entertainment for Student Programming at UD, says, “It’s a great opportunity to hear free live music by some of UD’s best talents.”

Cap House is from 8:00-9:30 on Tuesday evenings and is a great break from studying. This week, junior Will Hegedusich and senior Thomas Spring will be performing with a guest appearance of junior Zach Santonil. Check out a Cap House sometime and support your fellow UD musicians!

Dallas Arboretum

When everything looks bleak and mundane for the University of Dallas student who anticipates another week of philosophy reading and essay writing, Dallas Year comes to the rescue with exciting trips and events that help balance the large amount of work with an equal amount of fun. On Sept. 20, Dallas Year will take a group of UD students to experience the Dallas Arboretum, with its 10+ gardens, large lake and a concert featuring Emerald City Band (ECB).

According to ECB’s website, “Motion, Movement, and Energy are three words that best describe this 13 piece, 3 horn section super group.” Tickets sold out two weeks before the event, so those who got their $5 steal are all the more lucky to have access to it.

If you could not make it to the Dallas Arboretum with Dallas Year, consider checking it out on your own. Based around White Rock Lake, the Dallas Arboretum has many beautiful gardens and great restaurants. A single ticket in is no more than $15 and group tickets are cheaper. With your ticket, you’ll get to experience one of the most beautiful outdoor attractions that Dallas has to offer.


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