Seeing the City with Dallas Year


Liz Dobak

Contributing Writer

Between rigorous homework loads, meetings with professors and carefully penciled-in time for sleep, University of Dallas students often find themselves lacking one of the simple pleasures of life: fun. However, there is a fantastic program that aims to enhance the lives of UD students by providing them with outlets for extracurricular activities: Dallas Year (DY).

From the Dallas Symphony Orchestra to amusement parks to the Tomato Battle (an annual event where thousands of people chuck roughly 300,000 pounds of tomatoes at each other), DY invites students to explore Dallas outside the UD bubble. Tickets for DY events are provided at a minimal cost and include free transportation to the event. Though DY events are well attended by all undergraduates, the program is really geared toward freshmen. It is a great way for them to get around the DFW metroplex without owning a car or learning the haphazard freeway system, as well as a chance to enjoy venues most college students can’t afford to attend on their own.

Emma Langley, the head of DY, expressed enthusiasm for a couple of upcoming DY events: “There are two events for this fall that I’m particularly excited to organize. The first is a concert at the Chihuly Exhibit. It’s exciting to me because the Emerald City Band, the group performing, does a bunch of covers meant to be fun to dance to. Also, I’ve always wanted to visit the Chihuly sculpture garden at the Dallas Arboretum.

“The second event I’m really excited for is a shuttle to the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market. The DEOM was started as a way to sponsor local artists who set up stalls there to sport their jewelry, art, clothing, etc. I’m a big fan of things local, so I’m excited to help support DEOM, and plus there’s a ton of great places to eat in Deep Ellum!”

DY tickets and monthly DY event information can be found in the Student Activities and Leadership Center in the old Music Department in Haggar during business hours.



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