Retail Therapy, courtesy of Northpark Mall


Jamie Kuntz

A&E Editor

A little retail therapy goes a long way. Northpark Mall, with its mix of cheaply priced and high-fashion stores, is the perfect location for anyone who wants to do some window shopping or needs to stick to a college-student budget.

Even though it is fun (and a little painful) to drool over the expensive clothing displays (Steve Madden boots! Burberry purses!), Northpark Mall is filled with stores that students can visit without putting a serious dent in their college fund. The Forever 21 is big enough to spend hours in, and the prices are so low that it’s easy to think that there has been some sort of freak pricing mistake.

Other interesting stores to visit without blowing an entire paycheck would be LUSH-Fresh Handmade Cosmetics and Puzzle Zoo. LUSH has a multitude of hair and skincare products, all of which are handmade and smell amazing. The workers there are also extremely helpful and will dig around the store to help you find the product that’s right for you. Puzzle Zoo, although a kids’ store, is filled with unique toys and games that would keep any adult’s – or college student’s – interest piqued.

For those suffering from Rome-sickness, there’s even Paciugo Italian Gelato, which tastes good enough that people will temporarily forget how much they’re missing the real thing.

Northpark Mall is a great place to go for some fun and relaxation, and the best part is that students without cars can now get there using the DART Rail. If you want to plan your trip, check out, and get shopping!


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