Mall á la Mode

Photo by Alli Faucher

Skyler Patton

Major: Drama

Class: Junior

From: New Hampshire


Dress: Urban Outfitters

Belt: Kohl’s

Watch: Kohl’s

Shoes: Sfera, bought in Barcelona, Spain


TT: How would you describe your style?

SP: I would like to say that my style is sort of a classic, New York Sleek.

TT: Who is your favorite designer?

SP: Although I cannot afford his clothes, Marc Jacobs is my absolute favorite.

TT: Where do you like to shop?

SP:I like to shop at places that are affordable. Places like Urban Outfitters, thrift stores and Kohl’s are great places to go.

TT: What advice about fashion would you give the readers?

SP: Wear something that you feel comfortable in!

TT: Do you have any favorite articles of clothing?

SP: Dresses and heels.


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