Letter from the Editor


Louis Hannegan

Dear freshmen, welcome to our beloved UD community. I hope you have already come to love it during your first weeks here. If not, don’t worry. With enough time, you’ll develop an inexplicable attachment even to things such as the oft-lamented, caving Carpenter Hall.

Dear sophomores, enjoy Rome. If you’ve opted for the spring semester, you have Holy Week to look forward to, as well as the possibility of sticking around after the semester ends for extra travel. Don’t miss out on that opportunity. You’ll be pros at navigating the Old World by then.

Dear juniors, enjoy reconnecting with that long-lost half of your class. Also, welcome to the world of more refined tastes. I hope Rome purged you of any interest in Nati or Keystone Light – not that you ever had any of those as underclassmen, except at home under your parents’ supervision. And welcome to the year of 21st birthdays. Those should help alleviate any Romesickness.

Dearest seniors, nine months. That’s it. Que les véritablement bons temps roulent!


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