As the fall 2012 semester kicks off and there are new faces all over campus, it falls to the upperclassman to tip-off the freshmen to the University of Dallas faux pas. In an effort to prevent this year’s class from the usual embarrassment, I’ve compiled a short list of advice to help keep you from making the common mistakes.

DON’T Spend Declining Balance dollars too quickly – Ration out your DB money. It feels like free food, but it’s not. If you choose the Rat food over the cafeteria every meal, you’ll be watching your friends eat fresh pizza in the middle of the semester while you spoon Rice Krispies into your mouth because that’s the only food from the cafeteria that you can seem to stomach anymore.

DO realize that the chapel is open 24 hours – It’s no secret that UD’s curriculum demands a lot from students. When it all seems a bit much (and it probably day after day one), don’t forget that the chapel is right on campus and is always open. Even a quick prayer on your way back to the dorms can really de-stress you.

DON’T forget about athletic games – It’s hard to find time to support the athletes amidst everything you’re juggling, but take a break from studying and cheer on our sports teams. We have a small student body, but when we’re all together cheering at a game, the support feels a lot stronger than you’d expect.

DO take advantage of Dallas Year – Some of the events might not seem like your cup of tea, but UD students have a way of making potentially “lame” times into amazing memories. Spend a few bucks on going to a DY event. If anything, use it as an excuse to get off campus. I promise you’ll want to after a couple weeks.

DON’T assume that knowing upperclassmen gives you an automatic “in” – No one will deny that UD students take huge stock in being a legacy. But at the end of the day, just because your brother or sister is a senior and has an apartment in Old Mill doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get to know your class. You’ll be with your class for four years, so start forming those irreplaceable friendships now – they’ll come in handy when your sibling graduates.



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