Campus buildings receive extensive renovations


Jessica Johnson, Contributing Writer

Over the summer, the University of Dallas implemented an extensive series of campus renovations and rearrangements, the bulk of which affected J.M. Haggar University Center and the offices it houses.

The Haggar University Center, which was built in 1975, financed by a donation from the Haggar Foundation, received its facelift as part of the $7 million campus improvements package under President Keefe’s administration. A major donor to the project was The Constantin Foundation, which was founded by Eugene and Ruth Constantin in 1947 and has funded such endeavors as the endowment for the Constantin College of Liberal Arts and the Eugene Constantin Rome Campus.

“Haggar received a lot of attention this summer because it’s the school’s primary non-academic building and a busy center of student activity: dining; programming such as TGIT in the Rat; the Bookstore; the Cap Bar; Student Government and SPUD; and general hanging out,” Associate Vice President for Administration Patrick Daly said. “It seems more people pass through Haggar on a daily basis than any


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