Class of 2016 a welcome addition to campus


Kayla Nguyen, Contributing Writer

As September reaches its midpoint, the University of Dallas has been home to the class of 2016 for nearly three weeks now.  With 54 percent coming from outside of Texas, the 354 incoming freshmen have proven to be a diverse group.

“We have people from all over, which was something that surprised me about my class,” freshman and Florida native Grace Zischkau said.

The most popular home state after Texas is California,with 14 students from the Los Angeles-area alone and 30 total. Several international students hail from Puerto Rico, Guatemala and Calgary, Canada.

Coming to UD, the class of 2016 had an average high-school GPA of 3.75, an average ACT score of 26, and an average SAT score of 1200. In addition to good grades and test scores, the class of 2016 has already earned a reputation for being a particularly well-behaved, confident class.

There have been few freshman write-ups or incidents with local or on-campus authorities. UD Campus Safety workers were thrilled with the lack of excitement, especially compared to the events of last September. By this time last year, 13 serious incidents had already occurred, many involving medical personnel.

“The most serious incident we have had this year occurred in the dorms, where the Greg boys wanted to have an unauthorized Taco Tuesday event and hung unauthorized flyers in the hallways,” chuckled Campus Safety director Charlie Steadman.

There have only been two calls to CSO regarding the current freshmen, both of which were noise complaints. “One call we got was at 2:30 a.m., and when our officer got down there it was just six freshmen boys watching TV and laughing,” officer Steadman said. “They do, however, lock themselves out of their rooms a lot more than what we normally see.”

Current freshmen also have noticed the particular graciousness of their class.  “We have a lot of really good kids,” freshman Marissa Garcia said. “They are very friendly, which surprised me. I expected the campus to be more dangerous.”

Campus Safety officers and students are not the only ones who notice how pleasant the class of 2016 seems. Assistant vice president of enrollment Dr. Jill Corbin commented on the good manners of the freshmen.

“They were really engaged during orientation and seemed to really enjoy it,” Corbin said. “They have a lot of confidence.”

Freshman Alex Ziolkowski displayed his confidence when asked to give his opinion of his class. “Basically, the class of 2016 is going to be completely legendary.”


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