UD announces new computer science major


Ghianda Becerril
Staff Writer

The University of Dallas announced the addition of a Computer Science major to the undergraduate degree program last Friday. Students interested would be required to take 50 hours of computer science, math and physics courses on top of the core curriculum required by the university.
“The computer science major will be a nice addition to, and work with, the liberal arts focus at the University of Dallas,” announced Dr. David Andrews, mathematics department chair in the press release. “Programming is a creative act that appeals to much of our human nature.”
The new major will be modeled after the math major, allowing students the opportunity to combine their study of the technical aspects of the field with the arts and humanities that the Core offers, according to Andrews.
In the press release, Andrews stated that the discipline has been a worthy part of the university’s undergraduate curriculum as a concentration for about 30 years. “Computer science requires careful, critical thinking, but also involves a creative and intellectual pursuit that will be well-balanced at the University.”
“Students will be able to declare as a computer science major at the beginning of next year,” said Andrews.
Students interested in the major have been encouraged to take the classes offered. “I have always been interested in computer science,” said Reid Hansen, sophomore. “When the school announced that there would finally be a major in computer science, I was ecstatic.”
This unique program is known for the strong relationship with the UD core. With this relationship, the students will be allowed to apply the written and oral communication skills that they learn in the core towards their work as computer scientists.
Some students decided on the major after taking the introductory course, Introduction to Computer Science, as an elective. “I decided that even though it would take an extra year, I wanted to double major in computer science and business,” said Hansen.
Andrews said, “It is our desire that our students will understand how they will perfect themselves and serve their fellow man in and through their continuing work in the field.”


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