Thu. May 19th, 2022

Vallery Bergez
Contributing Writer

We all know that University of Dallas students take an incredible amount of pride when it comes to our traditions. Why? Because they are so personal to us. Because they are enigmatic. Because no one from another school would be able to fathom what B.O.B., Male Auction, Groundhog Weekend or Mallapalooza entail. These events are for us. They’ve been around for years, and they will always be here for UD students, because no one would dare to give them up. Kudos to the SPUD staff (especially senior Todd Jacobson) for successfully keeping the UD tradition of Mallapalooza alive this past Saturday.

Mallapalooza is an event that focuses on spending quality time with one another in the company of great music. After an unpleasantly hot morning, UD students were blessed with beautiful weather from the start of Malla at 3 p.m. It was a perfect day to be out on the Mall playing cornhole, listening to music or grabbing some free food at the booths.

As senior Mikey McMahan talked about graduating in two weeks, he noted that “Malla really makes it hard to realize UD is almost over for me” because it is what UD students love, “just spending time together.”

As usual for UD events, “Malla” was very low-key at first, with a small group of people out on the Mall socializing. UD’s own Tonic and Lime led the music line-up. They were followed by Blu Pearl, Live 80, Gallerycat, Good Problems, Paul Spring, Sons of Fathers and Blaggards. In the spirit of UD traditions, students flocked to the mall at 8 p.m. to hear alumni Paul Spring and Danny Mittnacht play their music.  The Mall was full of students enjoying themselves as they listened and danced to music, drank beer in the Beer Garden, or just hung out with friends for one of the last weekends of the semester.

I spoke with junior Blake Ballard, who photographed Malla throughout the day for the yearbook. He commented, “Taking pictures all day has been so much fun, because I got to see people enjoying themselves candidly. Everyone is having a blast.”

After hearing a UD favorite with Paul Spring, there was a lot of energy on the Mall which kept everyone excited for Sons of Fathers and Blaggards. However, it was Blaggards that really got people up by the stage. This four-piece Irish rock band from Houston (somewhat reminiscent of Flogging Molly) kept people dancing until the end of Mallapalooza with their catchy folk tunes to which, of course, UD students sang along. At one point, the band brought a bagpiper on stage which made everyone crazy with excitement. A large group of guys even flaunted their “manhood” by initiating a shirtless mosh-pit by the stage. Blaggards was the perfect end to a day full of good music, food and company.

Thank you and congratulations to the SPUD team for another successful execution of a classic UD tradition!

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