Exploring the works of the Student Foundation


Johann D’Souza
Contributing Writer

Student Foundation President: “Aren’t those pianos on campus annoying?”
SG Vice-President: “Yeah, but I can make one call, and they’ll all disappear.”
SF President: “Do it.”

This is how I imagined Student Foundation: a powerful cult that controlled the University of Dallas. However, being one for primary sources, I sought out a real member, but these were hard to come by. There was only one way to know: I had to get on the inside.

After various feats of heroism which I shall not bore you with, I found myself witnessing UD’s oldest (and now only) student-run, student-funded organization. Armed with a look of innocence and disarming charm, I inquired of the current president, Katie Smith, as to the nature of this “organization.”

The senior art history major nonchalantly replied: “Our main focus is to perpetuate traditions, to reach out to the community and to tie closer bonds with alumni.”

She explained that this is done through “a cookout once a semester, the Tower Film Festival, the Finals Gift Baskets, the Groundhog 5K, the Tower Village Tutoring Program [and] Professor Dinners.”

I must not have seemed convinced by this apparent largesse, because she continued, “We buy artwork from the senior studios each year; we present the Jake Addison Award.” And she added, “We also have helped many clubs’ funding when their request is in line with our constitution.”

I replied loudly, “That’s awfully generous,” winked knowingly, took some of the pizza that is offered at the meetings and left.
Clearly I had to do further research. Mrs. Sybil Novinski at UD Archives kindly guided me through past records of SF.
Astonishingly, I discovered John Norris, now notable theology professor, listed as a member from ’81-’83. Unfortunately, he lived in Madonna at the time.

Then, under SF scholarship recipients – with hand-written recommendations from biology professors Dr. Frank Doe and Dr. Warren Pulich – was current biology professor Marcy Brown. This organization was even better connected than I realized.
I wanted to warn the others, but it was no use. It had finally gotten me. I loved Student Foundation.


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