Studio art majors display projects


Jessica Johnson
Contributing Writer

This year’s studio-art majors will be displaying their Senior Studio projects from Wednesday, April 25 through Friday, May 4.  Their creations, which are meant to be a culmination of four years of artistry, can be found in the Haggerty Art Village as well as in the library.  A reception celebrating these students’ hard work will be held on Friday, May 4 from 7-9 p.m., also in the Art Village. I recently spoke with three seniors to gain insight into their projects.

Carrie Baker, using the medium of screen prints on waferboard, chose to depict mushrooms as a metaphor for humanity. She explained, “Just as nature destroys itself in order to renew itself, so the things that destroy humanity – tragedy, heartbreak, etc. – should be looked at not as merely suffering, but as a catalyst for the same regeneration.”  Baker said that the project, which she’s been developing for an entire year, has been an immense source of growth.

Jordan Flores, whose exhibit will be found on the first floor of the library, sees the project as a way to find her place in the artistic world.  Flores cut out the centers of books and placed nostalgic objects and pictures inside of them; in this way, she has not only made art out of her own memories, but also hopes to remind viewers of similar memories.

Tasha Hobbs gained inspiration for her Senior Studio after doing an internship involving Asian art.  Through her internship, Hobbs gained insight into the philosophies of Eastern culture.  She became especially interested in Taoism and in Yin and Yang, two opposing forces that are necessary for harmony to exist.  Hobbs’ project expresses her desire to “bridge East and West by taking these Eastern ideals and conveying them in a Western manner through oil painting.”

All of the seniors value the unique professional experience given to them by the Studios.  Most undergraduates do not receive the opportunity to put up their own show.  As Hobbs puts it, “This is what real artists do.”

Along with these artists, Eric Puhringer and Wesley Winchester will also be exhibiting their work, which will be found in the Haggerty Art Village.  Take advantage of the opportunity to see the magnificent work of these five talented artists, and be sure to stop by the Art Village sometime before the end of the semester.


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