Mall à la Mode


Alli Faucher
Contributing Writer

Sabrina Sifuentes
“One of a Kind”
Senior psychology major
Grand Prairie, Texas

Photo by Alli Faucher


Multi-string gold necklace: A gift from her mother


Dark yellow and green collared button-down: another item from her favorite thrift store


Black skinny pants: from the store Forever 21

Brown loafers: from her favorite thrift store


AF: What’s your style like?

SS: I don’t care about brands or labels – I just buy what I like. I try not to over-think what I wear, because I like to appear a little nonchalant.

AF: What are your favorite items?

SS: I get pretty sentimental about clothing. If I had a terrible experience in a certain outfit, I tend to never wear it again. My brown loafers are one of my favorite pieces, though. I like that they look old and no one else I know has them.

AF: So you like one-of-a-kind items?

SS: Definitely! I hate it when I see someone else wearing the same thing as me.

AF: What are people’s comments about the things you wear?

SS: It’s funny because most people compliment me on things I got for five bucks at a thrift store. I get a lot of compliments on my bags too – and my grandmother makes them.

AF: What would you like to change about your wardrobe?

SS: I want more professional-looking clothing.

AF: What are you going to miss about UD fashion when you graduate?

SS: I’m going to miss UD’s special type … like the light jeans, sneakers and polo shirts, for example. It makes me happy that people are comfortable with what they wear. It’s a nice environment where everyone feels confident with themselves. I fit in here because I wear what makes me feel comfortable.


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