Letter from the Editor


Lately, I’ve overheard several conversations that begin somthing like this:

“So, there are less than two weeks left of the semester…”

There are two general responses. The first is characterized by a sharp intake of breath and a steeling of oneself for the last push, followed by a slowly released sigh. The second, however, is more vocal, usually involving various exclamations denoting stress (I’ll leave these to your imagination).

The second response, of course, is the more common.

Being a participant in one of these conversations the other day, I was asked for some advice: How can we handle these last few weeks – while staying sane?

Well, I have no response. At least, not one that I can say in my own words. So as I often do, I will turn to literature, quoting the Old English poem “Deor”: “That passed away, so may this.” Everyone at UD (even freshmen) has survived at least one semester; we can all do it again, no matter what new challenges we face.

So to put it in other words, the best advice that I can give you is, as Dory would say, to “just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.”


Christian Howard
Managing Editor


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