Thu. May 19th, 2022

Vallery Bergez
Contributing Writer

As the spring semester draws to a close and we students are faced with some of the most academically challenging weeks of our lives, what better way to unite everyone than through a night where some of us showcase our dance talent, but where more of us advertise our lack thereof? What better way than to gather everyone together in a ritzy locale where most of us dress to impress and where all of us can be entertained by one another?

Each spring semester, SPUD organizes a Spring Formal that encapsulates all of that. On April 20, University of Dallas students will be coming together to experience that entertainment at one of the most exciting Spring Formals yet. With a theme like “La Vie en Rose,” this event stands out as something quite different from what UD has done in the past.

So, why should UD students want to experience an event like Spring Formal? Considering that many of us had homecomings and proms throughout our high school careers, what makes this dance any different? Perhaps the most enticing aspect of UD’s Spring Formal is that it gives students a break from the rigorous academics. Since the majority of UD students devote so much time to their studies, having an event planned completely in the interest of the students is exactly what many UDers are looking for. We don’t have to do anything but purchase a ticket; even transportation is covered.

Furthermore, as SPUD Socials Director and head of the Spring Formal team Christine Hardey noted, “Everyone can enjoy it – underclassmen and seniors. It’s a great time to get dressed up and get outside of the UD bubble.”

When asked how exactly she went about planning such an important event, Hardey shared her inspiration. She came up with the theme “La Vie en Rose” when dining with some friends at Irving’s La Madeleine.

“I wanted something French, but nothing like ‘Midnight in Paris,’” Hardey said. “‘La Vie en Rose’ is delicate and classy.”

This year’s venue serves Hardey’s vision perfectly. Spring Formal will be held in the atrium of the Infomart USA, which is modeled after the historical Crystal Palace.

“The whole place is big and open,” Hardey said. “You can see the skylight through the ceiling.”

In order to balance out Hardey’s duties, she sent out 40 letters to UD students asking for volunteers to assist with the logistics of the event. Twenty-five people offered to help, so Hardey broke them up into three different committees: decoration, volunteer coordination and music selections. Hardey hopes that the combined efforts of these three committees “will get students to feel like they’re not in Dallas anymore.”

This year, D.J. veteran Colby Logan will be returning for his fifth consecutive year DJing UD’s Spring Formal. The Music Selections committee has sent the DJ music-suggestions to cater to the student body, and suggestions are still being taken on the Facebook webpage.

Spring Formal will take place on April 20 from 8:30 p.m. until midnight at the Infomart USA. Transportation will be provided, but there will also be free parking for those who wish to drive themselves.

To receive more information on Spring Formal or to purchase tickets online, students can visit Tickets are available until Wednesday, April 18, but there is limited space available, so purchase them ASAP to enjoy your night out.

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