Mall à la Mode


Alli Faucher
Contributing Writer

Photo by Ali Faucher


Andrew Esherick
The Linguist
Senior English major
From Silver Spring, MD


Collared white shirt:  He borrowed it from his roommate Joe Swope.

Tweed gray jacket: a Christmas present. Little flowers in lapel (his left, you can barely see them):  placed there by Emma Tollefsen

Blue plaid tie from Scotland: He’s representing his heritage.

Comfortable khaki pants

His dad’s mahogany tassel loafers


Andrew was spotted at the University of Dallas Film Festival on Saturday night all dolled up and munching on a spread of dried dates, baguette and goat cheese with his date, Emma Tollefsen. When asked how he picked his outfit, he remarked, “It seemed like the right thing to wear.”

AF: Can you describe your style?

AE: My style is to other styles as the English language is to other languages – in that I grab bits and pieces of everything, and I meld it into what works for me.

AF: What interests you about fashion the most?

AE: I find it most interesting to discover what people deem as good fashion – just as defining good art is intriguing. I don’t think about fashion per se; I wear what is most comfortable.

AF: What do you like to wear to class?

AE: Oh, anything from a t-shirt to a second-tier button-down.

AF: What do you mean by “second tier”?

AE: Nice, but not what I would wear to Easter Mass.

AF: Where do most of your clothes come from?

AE: I get the majority of my clothes as hand-me-downs, gifts or by “borrowing” from my dad.


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