Thu. May 19th, 2022

Grace Ballor, a senior politics major, gives advice to the women  about Spring Formal.

The theme for this year’s Spring Formal, La Vie en Rose, was inspired by romance, by a spirit of carpe diem and by the great French vocalist Edith Piaf, whose famous love song, “La Vie en Rose,” captures the tender moments of a beautiful relationship and life lived through rose-colored glasses. Doubtless, ladies, the feelings Edith expresses in her title track are much deeper than those you have for your Spring Formal date, but you can still benefit from the wisdom contained in Ms. Piaf’s repertoire of French love songs.

1. “C’est toi pour moi, moi pour toi dans la vie” – “It’s you for me, me for you in this life”: Here, Edith describes with more eloquence the same sentiment shared by Ne-Yo in his Miss Independent: Men, even UD men-in-training, appreciate a certain degree of independence and mutuality in women.

That being said,

2. Let him treat you like a lady: Ms. Piaf speaks of the importance of letting her man dance with her, take her in his arms and speak to her softly. The true lady must always negotiate the delicate balance between being a strong woman and being a girl who “aspire a danser la danse de l’amour” – “longs to dance the dance of love.”

3. “Agir comme une femme” – “Act like [such] a woman!”: The surest way to let your Madonna-squeeze know that you are both strong and sappy is by acting the part. From the way that you dress to the manner in which you speak, let him know that he should hold the door for you – not because you can’t, but because you are a lady, and he is a man.

4. “Non, je ne regrette rien” – Regret nothing: To avoid that sinking feeling the morning after when you realize how much of a fool you were the night before, live life to the fullest without compromising your feminine dignity.


Matthias Andrews, a junior math major, counsels the men on how to survive Spring Formal.

Sweet, sweet summer is just around the corner, and every guy knows that this means one thing: baseball season. But before you get completely enraptured by the overawing dominance of the Rangers, don’t forget about Spring Formal, UD’s classiest party. If you were too busy studying the fourth declension to notice the invitation in your mailbox, the banners in Haggar, the multiple emails, the Stall Street Journal and the Facebook invites, live in ignorance no more: Spring Formal is Friday. But it’s not too late, and by following these last-minute steps, you too can sing like Asher Roth: “That party last night / was awfully crazy, / I wish we taped it.”

The first step is to ask a girl to Spring Formal. If you haven’t done this yet, then don’t waste any time. This makes sense even financially because the couple’s ticket is cheaper than two single tickets.

Spring Formal is not a high-pressure dating situation, so any young lady will do, although I suggest that you abe at least acquainted with said lady beforehand. Repeat these words after me: “Hi, I heard that you don’t have a date for Spring Formal. I don’t either. Would you like to go together so we can save some money?”

The second step is the most difficult part: the preparation. Many girls begin getting ready three hours before Spring Formal. If you find that you lost track of time playing video games and it’s only one hour before you need to pick up your lady, don’t panic. First, I suggest a 30 minute power-nap, then a 10 minute shower and then suit up. Total time: 50 minutes. However, be warned – being late to pick up your date is a misdemeanor in most states.

If you are able to pull off step two successfully, the next step will be great. Whether you have some other party planned before the dance or not, make sure your date is at least there on the bus with you on the way over. What happens for the next three hours is up to you, but I hope you at least keep your shirt on.

And finally, remember that the night is not over until you walk your date back to her place of residence. Thank her for the nice evening and for not making fun of your dorky dance moves. With such a conclusion, you can rest assured that you survived yet another social event.


Raphael Bernardo and Raphael Slattery offer tips on how to ask a girl to Spring Formal.

1. Do your research.  Find out if she’s going with somebody else.  Otherwise use hints such as, “Are you doing anything next week?” – “Are you going to the Spring Formal?” – or “Do you want to go to the Spring Formal with somebody in this perimeter?”

2. Ask her when she’s not around many people so she isn’t embarrassed that you asked her, or so people don’t judge her if she says “no.”

3.  If a girl asks you to go with a friend of hers, ask if her friend can go with a friend of yours.

4.  Don’t ask multiple girls at the same time.

5.  Don’t go with multiple girls at the same time.

6.  When she says “yes,” run down the mall, jump and hit a tree like in the movie La Bamba.


Pickup lines before you ask her to the formal:  

–Hey! Who put cupid there?

–What do a polar bear and you have in common?  They break the ice.

–On a scale from 1-10 you’d be a seven.  It’s the Hebrew number for perfection.

–Why are you tanning?  I like you the way you are.

–If love were chocolate, you’d be a candy bar.

–You are one in seven billion.  I’m blessed to be able to talk to you.

–You make me not want to be a seminarian.

–Dang girl, did I break the law? Because when I looked at you, all I saw was a fine.

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