Three UD athletes escape Irving police by swimming across canal


José Healy
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Three University of Dallas students borrowed a university golf cart during spring break for a ride down to Las Colinas, reaching the breathtaking bronze Mustangs of Las Colinas, but soon found themselves chased by local police.

The Irving Police Department pursued the three students, suspecting them of driving under the influence, according to individuals familiar with the matter.

Upon hearing the police sirens, the UD students feared that the police may have ignored the fact that they had simply borrowed the golf cart to visit Las Colinas and refresh themselves in its surrounding fountains after an arduous lacrosse practice.

The students decided to jump back onto the golf cart to escape from the police, whose sirens were becoming louder. Flooring the gas pedal, the three athletes raced down towards the man-made Lake Carolyn, near the Granada Market and the Italian Café on Las Colinas Boulevard, and parked there.

“We knew we weren’t doing anything wrong, just taking the golf cart for a ride, but we still thought that the cops might have suspected something about our behavior,” the student who drove the golf cart said. “The cops may have thought that we were your average college students being mischievous,” he added.

The three athletes left the golf cart parked on the curb, and trotted down the stairs of one of the bridges on Las Colinas Boulevard until they reached the River Walk-styled canal, right next to a series of apartment complexes. They jumped into the canal and began to swim as fast as they could, and then hid underneath one of the gondolas on the canal.

The police finally caught up to the golf cart but not with the students. Utterly confounded, the Irving police phoned UD, requesting to speak with the Campus Safety Office.

“We asked to speak with Capt. Charles Steadman,” the police officer who filed the incident report said. “Something seemed very suspicious about the whole scene: Students riding down in a golf cart from the university and then trying to escape from the police.”

“We were relieved after speaking with CSO,” the police officer added.

Campus Safety assured the Irving police that the students had received official university permission to take a ride over to Las Colinas and that they were just having a good time during spring break.

The students claimed that no alcohol was involved and said they had only consumed energy drinks and Gatorade during their escapade.

The university recently decided to stop lending golf carts to students, reasoning that it may raise doubts in the external community about suspicious behavior on the part of students.

Still, the three students involved in the incident were pleased with their performance.

“Obviously, we weren’t doing anything wrong,” one said. “But we still feel pretty good about having escaped from Irving police on a golf cart and then swimming across the canal.”


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