Mall à la Mode


Alli Faucher
Fashion Guru


The Groundhog

“Groundhog”(‘nough said)
From Irving, Texas
Spotted: Groundhog runner

Chic fur coat: He can’t leave home without it!


AF: So what influences your style?

G: Most definitely school spirit. I love the University of Dallas.  I try to make it clear that I go to UD with how I present myself.

AF: Do people in your family have a similar fashion sense?

G: Actually, yes! People tell us all the time that we look like twins.

AF: What do people say about your style?

G: For some reason, the most common comment I get is, “You must be feeling so hot!” But I never even wear black.

AF: Where do you like to shop?

G: Well, I think that the bookstore on campus always has great sales. I get a lot of my basics there.

AF: What UD event are you most looking forward to at the end of the semester to show your style of school spirit?

G: Definitely Mallapalooza. What I wear will have to be comfortable enough for dancing but also stylish enough for the band.

AF: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

G: I love the student life so much that I think I may stay a student at UD forever.


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