Haggar to transform into Postmodern “piece of art”


Lindsey Busker
Prophetic Visionary

---Photo courtesy of Ken Starzer, raging Postmodernist--- This postmodern bank building in Guadalajara provides architects with inspiration for the renovations that will begin on Haggar later this month.

Over the course of this next summer, the University of Dallas’s outdated Haggar University Center will be transformed using the talented work of the art majors at UD along with architectural designers from the Dallas metro area to help with the remodeling. The floors and walls will be modernized into something like a Jackson Pollock piece of art.

This opportunity for creativity will give students the ability to show their talent and broadcast it to the school, while also portraying a deeper meaning than just the textural surface that many see when walking through Haggar.

Most students only see the old tiles and the outdated wooden “wall” while walking through Haggar on their way to classes. But next fall, these students will be surprised when they walk into Haggar and discover sporadic art and exhibits everywhere. Many students might also be perplexed by what defines postmodern art to be quite perplexing.

Postmodern art is a term used to define “stripped art,” art where the artist does not have a distinct direction in which he is painting or any other medium of art. The focal point of postmodern art that will be draped all over Haggar University Center is to involve the students as part of the project to reiterate that famous phrase we are known for: “independent thinkers.”

Students will be the designers, showcasing their ideas for what can get the other students to stop, stare and even debate with other students about what this piece of art could symbolize. Having a postmodern theme in Haggar will give students the opportunity to be the individual thinker of whom we are all proud  here at UD.

The new renovations will include live-art exhibits with performances of isolation by our own professors to showcase how even if one has many friends, it is still possible to feel alone to the point that you feel cut off from the world. A glass box will be placed near the Cap Bar, and students may sign up to sit in this box for a period of time.   It could be hours or days, just depending on how inspired you are feeling.

The renovations will also include a large sand pit with a paddle and shovel. This is to demonstrate that even though we are college students, we can still have fun and take a break by playing in a sand box.

The cafeteria too will be transformed and there will no longer be tables or chairs in an effort to become more green. Instead there will be tiled floor with pillows everywhere, and you just sit down wherever you might like to enjoy your meal.

This is an effort to relax students while they eat, since so many do not get the nourishment they need because they are focused on an exam or other matters.

The postmodern renovations to Haggar will help enable to students to work (and play) in a better and healthier environment.


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