March Madness: a month of college basketball, fan-made tournament brackets and major upsets


John Norton
Contributing Writer

For college basketball fans, the month of March is as good as it gets.  The annual tournament that crowns college basketball’s champion is arguably the most exciting postseason in sports.  Passionate basketball fans, casual sports fans and myself eagerly fill out our brackets this time of year in the hope of predicting the year’s biggest upsets.

Although I can’t boast predicting the downfall of number-two seeds Duke and Missouri, I am proud to say that I currently sit atop the standings in my bracket group.  The biggest upsets of this tournament thus far include 15-seed Lehigh over Duke, 15-seed Norfolk State over Missouri, and 13-seed Ohio over four-seed Michigan.  In addition, 11-seed NC State knocked off six-seed San Diego State and three-seed Georgetown to advance to the Sweet 16.

Not many Americans were able to predict those outcomes, but the tournament did allow for some sanity with all four number-one seeds (Kentucky, Michigan State, Syracuse and North Carolina) advancing to the second weekend.  I can modestly state that those results were all in agreement with my bracket predictions.

Who’s the most impressive team so far?  I look to the widely underrated Southeastern Conference where Florida demolished its two opponents by an average of 30 points and Kentucky subdued Western

Kentucky and Iowa State with the impressive output provided by its well-known stars Anthony Davis, Terrence Jones and Co.

While Florida is greatly exceeding expectations, the number one overall seed Kentucky is doing exactly what it is expected to do.  Are these teams headed for a fourth head-to-head matchup this year in the Final Four? Will NC State continue its Cinderella run this weekend? Tune in starting Thursday to find out as the Madness continues in the round of 16.


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