Mall à la Mode


Alli Faucher
Contributing Writer

Photo by Ali Faucher


Colleen Ahern
“Professionally Punk”
Senior English and Drama major from Dallas, Texas


Black flower headband

Earrings: from a street vendor in San Francisco

Short-sleeved black and gray zip-up jacket: from her sister

T-shirt: with an image of a 1970s punk band; from the guy’s section of H&M

White and black snap bracelet: a leather craft bought at a fair

Zipper black skirt: also from H&M

Gray tights

Black ankle boots: from Anne Klein



AF: What kind of style do you like?

CA: I know it when I see it. If I see something I like in a store and can afford it, I assume it will go with something in my closet, or I’ll pick up something to put with it later. I’m not as interested in matching and more interested in how I can pair things so they don’t seem so obvious … like this skirt could be a skirt I wear to a club, but I paired it with a t-shirt and wore it to class.

AF: So would you say your style is eclectic?

CA: Eclectic, as overused as that word is, describes me well. Although, if I had to describe my style type, it would be a mismatched girly, edgy punk … but professional. I like feeling put-together and having an intention behind what I wear, because it keeps me feeling focused throughout the day.

AF: Does a particular person influence your style?

CA: I feel so nerdy saying this, but I like the style of Caprica 6 from Battlestar Galactica. One Halloween I dressed like her and decided to temporarily dye my hair yellow. I realized I liked the radical difference and kept it, eventually toning the bright color down.

AF: How do you fit into UD fashion?

CA: I think I dress enough like people at UD that I don’t stand out in a weird way. In class, you are just as likely to see someone wearing pajamas as someone wearing a suit. As far as formality goes, I fit right in. People do their own thing here and are comfortable with it, and I generally identify with people and their style no matter what their look is.


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