Letter from the Editor


I have developed a great hatred for clichés, so if I were to tell you to “stop and smell the roses,” I would not only disgust myself, but I would probably not communicate my point very well, either. So let me try a different tactic: YO. Harassed student. Chill. Take a walk. Now look around you.

It’s almost April; that’s right, the middle of spring. I hear Mockingbirds (my favorite!) as I walk across campus, and when I drive down Northgate, I pass by a field of Bluebonnets (another favorite!) in which I’ve seen dozens of students and familes playing or posing for photos.

It is not my intention here to lecture, and in fact, I am probably one of the last people to reproach you for getting too caught up with work. I am merely encouraging you to stop, take a deep breath, and notice what is going on around you.

As I write this, I have sitting on my desk a wild rose that a friend gave me during my most recent excursion to the Cap Bar. In the whorl of trying to produce a newspaper, this visible reminder is a great comfort to me.

I sincerely hope that you never forget to notice those little reminders all around you.

Christian Howard
Managing Editor


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