Mall a la Mode


Alli Faucher
Contributing Writer


Mall à la Mode celebrates the first day of spring with talk of popping colors! This week’s stylish student was spotted on the Mall by her trademark bright pink bookbag.


Photo by Ali Faucher

Alexandra Machado

Junior Business major

From San Antonio, Texas

“Pop of color”


Gladiator necklace with matching earrings from Chicago: “I just had to have it when I saw it!”<br>
Brown dress: “I picked this because it had a solid top to suit my bold necklace.”

Metallic watch from Venice: “I wear it every day.”

Beige velvet wedges from H&M


AF: How do you dress for spring?

AM: Now that it’s warmer, I’ve decided I’m done wearing pants for a while. I like neutral colors, but I enjoy wearing pieces with bright colors in the spring and summer. I started using this bright pink Marc by Marc Jacobs bag at school as a pop of color. I work every day after class as a social media intern, so I like to dress professional, but up-to-date.

AF: How do you stay up-to-date?

AM: I love the styling of Kate Middleton – she is classic and chic! I pull pieces similar to the kind I see in her outfits, and I put together my own outfits. I have collected so many clothes, and I even share with my mom and sister too.

AF: Would you ever consider a career in fashion?

AM: I like being able to show my passion for fashion by being stylish, but I think if I had a career in fashion, I’d enjoy writing about it rather than being in the thick of things!

La Mode d’Alexandra:

– Number one style icon: “My grandmother. She’s so good at the classic ‘Hollywood glam’ look.”

– Childhood fashion phase: “I was obsessed with dressing like Elmo when I was five years old.”

– Yes or No on trends? No, with the exception of jewelry.

– Social media for inspiration: Pinterest for ideas on hair styling.

– Don’t walk out the door without: lip gloss and blush.


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