Hot Chelle Rae comes to Dallas House of Blues


Christine Hardey
Contributing Writer

Dallas Year never disappoints. On Wednesday, March 28, they are taking students (and you could be one of them – better jump on this!) to the House of Blues for a concert by Hot Chelle Rae.

In 2005, Hot Chelle Rae, like many bands, got its start in the Music City (Nashville, TN).  They were first known as Miracle Drug, and then later named themselves “Hot Chelle Rae” after a girl who had been stalking them over MySpace.  The band is comprised of Ryan Follese, Nash Overstreet (brother of Chord, who is an actor on Glee), Ian Keaggy and Jamie Follese.

The band’s first album, Lovesick Electric, was released in 2009 by the record label Jive.  In 2011, they joined label RCA to produce their second album, Whatever.  “Whatever” is a quote from their hit song “Tonight Tonight,” which you’ve doubtless heard on the radio many times since its debut.  The single reached #7 on the Billboard Top 100 this past July, and it has already gone double platinum.

Their music is extremely catchy, as well as danceable.  From their music videos, you can tell Hot Chelle Rae also has a sense of humor; they’re pretty goofy.  The band dresses like your run-of-the-mill punk rockers, but their music is pop in its purest form.

Hot Chelle Rae has a broad range of songs.  “I Like to Dance,” the hit from their first album, is a pure dance song.  Deeper track “Bleed” has a different tone entirely, beginning with acoustic guitar and adding in the rest of the band gradually.

This band’s lyrics are sung clearly – you can tell what they’re trying to say – which is not the case with so many other contemporary bands (say, Muse, Phoenix, Fall Out Boy).  I’m not bashing any of these other bands (which, granted, are more alternative than pop) – I love them all – but I have to admit, it’s pleasing to the ears to hear Hot Chelle Rae.  Their clarity makes their songs extremely easy to sing along to; that’s what you want on a road trip, or on your way to a fun night out.

Basically, Hot Chelle Rae is the perfect pop band that University of Dallas students are bound to enjoy. If they keep producing catchy albums, they could become the next All-American Rejects.
This concert is part of Hot Chelle Rae’s Beautiful Freaks Tour 2012, and will feature guests Cady Groves and Electric Touch.  Tickets are on sale now in the SALC.


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