UD wellness: Fitness sits down with New Hall RC


Luke Hollomon
Contributing Writer

This week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Resident Coordinator Sammy Argumaniz to talk about the upcoming Cowtown running races.


LH: Sammy, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

SA: Well, I’m the RC for the New Hall.  From Abilene, Texas, went to college out there, then came to Dallas and got my master’s in Theological Studies at UD.   I graduated in Dec. 2011.

LH: I hear you’re doing the Cowtown 10K next weekend in Fort Worth; can you tell us about that?

SA: Sure. It’s part of the Cowtown events (5K, 10K, Half-Marathon, Marathon and Ultra-Marathon).  I’m doing it with my cousin who is coming down from Abilene for it.  He had struggled with weight problems for a long time and was up around 300 pounds not long ago.  Now he is down to about 200 and is going to run it with me.  He was really my inspiration to start running again.

LH: You say “running again.” What was your fitness experience before this?

SA: I ran track in middle and high school and I really liked the distance running.  I wasn’t a great runner – I think my best was a 21-minute 5K – but I wasn’t too bad either.  In college I turned toward the weights, but as I’ve gotten a bit older I’ve started running again, getting back to some functional fitness.

LH:  Have you had many barriers in your training?

SA: When I first moved to Dallas, I had a hard time finding places to run.  My first run in Dallas was when I still lived downtown, and I pretty much stopped halfway because of all the cars and smoke in the air.  I kind of got a “Freshman 15” when I was getting used to being here.  Now I have found some good spots to run around town, like the Katy trail that you can ride the DART to by SMU.  I also use the fields for running intervals around campus.

LH: Why do you work so hard to stay in shape?

SA: My family has a history of diabetes and high blood pressure.  If you stay fit, you can push back health issues.  It’s harder now, not being an undergrad anymore: It’s much easier to find time in college.  But I work hard at it, including changing my diet.  I’ve learned I can’t eat a burrito and half a pizza for dinner and stay fit.

LH: How do you keep yourself going?

SA: I look at it like playing an instrument.  There isn’t a lot of time for breaks: It’s all about our daily work.  I always feel great after a workout; I just have to push myself out the door to it.

LH: Last question, Sammy. I have heard that you like to juice things for drinks; what’s the weirdest one you’ve ever made?

SA: Yeah, I like to juice to make sure I get all my fruits and veggies.  The worst … Well, it had celery, parsley, cucumber, spinach and carrot in it.  It was all right until I stirred it and it just went clump and suddenly turned brown.  It smelled and tasted like death.  I glugged half of it then said “forget this” and poured it down the sink.  I call it the “Brown Juice Incident.”

LH: Thanks for stopping in, Sammy.

SA: No problem – glad I could help.


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