Students learn to write with clarity


Ghianda Becerril
Staff Writer

---------------------Photo by Danny Sauer--------------------- Students take notes at the Academic Success Office’s event, “Writing with Clarity and Cohesion.” The event was designed to help students struggling with challenging writing classes at UD.

Last Thursday the Academic Success Office held the event “Writing with Clarity and Cohesion” for those students interested in improving their writing skills.

This event gave students the opportunity to learn the skills needed in order to write with clarity or for a targeted audience. Throughout the event, students were also given the opportunity to ask questions that they may not have been comfortable asking in class.

“The event was a tremendous success,” Academic Success Advisor Brandon Jones said. “This was only the second event that ASO has hosted, and we had about 18 students present.”

Many of the students who have taken the opportunity to receive help from the Academic Success Office have trouble writing. This event was held mainly so that students would be able to participate in an environment where they felt safe asking questions outside of the classroom.

“I hosted this event because writing classes at the University of Dallas can be very challenging,” Jones said. “Also, a lot of the students that I have advised have issues with writing, keeping up with the reading in Literary Traditions, organizing thoughts on paper and making sense of what is taking place in reading and writing about it.”

Although this was the second event that the Academic Success Office has hosted, another writing workshop will be held later in the semester.

“More events like this will be hosted in the future,” Jones said. “In September, there will be a writing workshop during Academic Success Week.”


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