Possible plans for spring break


Joe Kaiser
Contributing Writer

Spring break is quintessentially collegiate, because you will never again get a week off for no reason except to enjoy yourself. After all, we all know that spring break serves no purpose besides a respite from the stress of comps and midterms.

Spring break to me is indicative of yacht parties after the style of Jay-Z and the “Underground Kingz” in a warm and exotic locale. Unfortunately, I doubt that college students anywhere have the monetary capacity to host one of these parties. Your best bet is somehow to score an invitation to one of these epic throwdowns. But let’s work with the constraints with which we all live.

There is an opportunity this break to volunteer and help those who were affected by the tornado in Joplin, Miss. This is the most magnanimous way to spend your break. I know of some students who went to Ecuador last year to do a service project; and from what I gather from their stories, not only did they have the good feeling of helping others, but they also had some adventures to augment their benevolence. If you are at all interested, just do it. You’ll be a better man (or woman) for it – and the camaraderie will lead to fun times.

I know that this does not interest everyone. Fear not, you can still have a great spring break.  Perhaps warmer climates tempt you with visions of margaritas, sand, and all-day and all-night parties.

There are many places to which you can head to realize this dream. Because of my bias, I would not recommend South Texas. Instead, California and Florida should be the place of any sun- and sand-seeking migration. Not only do they fulfill the requirements of sand and sun, but they also attract students from a wide variety of universities, a diverse and interesting set of people with whom you can enjoy your time off. This alone can be an enriching experience.

Perhaps you just want to go back home to take time off completely. A week at home is not only the cheapest option in most cases but also probably the best way to recoup. To those fortunate souls who live near sand and sun, you have won. But it is of great import to actually do something with your time off at home. You will never have this opportunity again after you leave this four-year dreamland called college. Saying that, I would like to rescind my previous statement that spring break is for no reason.

The purpose of spring break is to allow students a time to pursue those interests for which they would otherwise not have time. If you find yourself in some kind of paradise, open your horizons. Learn to surf, go hiking or maybe, if you have the fortitude to brave a colder temperature, learn to ski or snowboard, since the slopes are still open around the country.

Whatever you do, don’t waste your time off, because in life, there really is no time off, just time when you don’t have to do something else. So get busy living it up, whether you are on Daytona Beach or in Joplin. I, for one, am calling Jay-Z to inquire whether he plans on having one of this yacht parties between March 3 and March 11.


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