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Alli Faucher
Contributing Writer

Photo by Ali Faucher



Eve Christianson
Psychology major
From Calgary, Canada
“Soft style”


Colorful flower-print scarf: She’s also a fan of new infinity scarves


Denim shirt from Madewell


Black jeans: a staple


Gray flats from Nine West



AF: What does your ideal wardrobe look like?

EC: It would have a bigger selection of accessories, purses and shoes. Although I don’t wear dresses a lot, I would like to add more dresses to my closet so I could have a chance to dress up more often.

AF: What does your closet look like now?

EC: I have a lot of casual pieces with soft and pretty colors. I like natural tones and colors from a watercolor palate. In general, I like an indie and artsy style, like that of Urban Outfitters. I also find a lot of great clothes at little boutiques back home in Canada.

AF: What has been your experience with fashion?

EC: Well, I worked at BCBG for a while after I graduated high school, which I loved. I also traveled after high school before coming to UD, so my travels abroad have influenced my look to be a bit more European. Before college I dressed more like a jock, believe it or not. I was a tomboy, always dressed in soccer shorts and t-shirts.

AF: Where do you see your fashion sense going in the future?

EC: When I’m an older lady, I want to look sophisticated and charming. I am excited to grow older and keep up with style, but always dress my age.

AF: What do you appreciate about UD fashion?

EC: In the past three years, I’ve noticed students have gotten more stylish. We have some odd dressers, but I love that people dress scholarly. My friend from Texas A&M visited and said UD students dressed better than the students at A&M, who overwhelmingly dress with the “Texas prep” look.


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