Thu. May 19th, 2022

Michael Walker, a junior English major, responds to Joe Kaiser’s article, “Valentine’s Day: unrealistic women and uncreative men.”

To the women of Constantin, in response to Joe Kaiser’s claim that the male sex no longer possesses creativity:

Let me not to inanity be sworn,
For I hold virtue as my amity.
Can there be found a greater sanity
Than making merry hearts suborned,

From every face immortal things are born,
In eyes that glances everywhere have cast,
In lips with words that breathe their last
In ears o’er which the crown need not be

Affection is at once most sweet, yet swift
To take the air, its flight only to last
As long as wings as air are not as fast,
For ceasing singing is to cease to lift.

Thus, only one Sweet Sign reigns o’er the
One cannot conquer lest it draws the eyes.

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