Core Decorum


Dear UD students,

With midterms, there’s one common attitude: AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Maybe your sentiment is a tad bit milder. Mayhaps it’s even worse. Regardless, midterms are here or are looming on the horizon. If you need a few tips or suggestions for how to enhance (or maybe worsen) your study time, read on:


1. Be smart and plan ahead. Carefully schedule each day leading up to your midterms, making sure to calculate the number of hours that need to be devoted to work, classes and meetings. With your schedule in hand, see what hours are available each day, and pencil in some time for studying.

2. Make sure to sleep at least six hours a night. There’s no way you’re going to reach the desired eight or nine hours every night. And if you do, the rest of the student population will loathe you.

3. Rid yourself of electronics and the social network. Turn the phone off. Keep off Twitter. Honestly, quit Facebook-creeping UD students you have never even spoken with. The point is to concentrate on you and your studies.

4. Though you may have turned off loads of social media, make sure to add in a fun activity for an hour or two each day for study breaks. Treat yourself to a Cap Bar drink.

5. Speaking of caffeine, be sure to enjoy a cup of coffee. Or five. Coffee can actually galvanize your workout. And fine, health aside, midterms are the best excuse to overindulge in tea, coffee and Coke products.

6. Call me a walking contradiction (or a writing contradiction), but along with the overindulgence, do remember to use moderation and nourish your body with plenty of fruits, veggies and healthy protein. Brain food is a must.

7. Create a music mix to stimulate your brain. Try out “The Goat Rodeo Sessions” (a nice blend of classical music and blue grass), “Heigh Ho! Mozart” (Disney hits synthesized with classical music), or “The Dark Knight” (movie soundtracks always add a little bit of action to your study sessions). Feel free to mix it up with a bit of rap, rock or German screamo. Anything to keep your brain awake.

8. Keep calm and carry on. Okay, this is a stolen quote. But the sentiment remains true. Don’t freak out. You should be fine if you have been going to class, taking notes, listening to your professors and studying.

Cheers and Godspeed,
Core Decorum


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