Rome class travels to Orvieto and Assisi


Kelsey Clary
Contributing Writer

Ciao!  Over the weekend on our first class-trip, we traveled to Orvieto and Assisi.  The entire three-day experience was a huge success.

After a short wait for some delayed buses, our class departed from the Due Santi campus early Friday morning and arrived in Orvieto, located about an hour and a half north of Rome by car, where we were blessed with some beautiful snow which lasted the entire trip. We visited Il Duomo, a cathedral in Orvieto which contains an altar cloth stained with blood from the Eucharistic Miracle of Bolsena.

After tours led by Dr. Peter Hatlie, Dr. Elizabeth Lisot and Sr. Catherine Droste, we enjoyed some free time to further explore Il Duomo and shop in the town.  We ate a fabulous lunch before continuing to Assisi.

Friday night was relaxing, and a number of us attended Mass in Santo Stefano, the church where the bells tolled the death of St. Francis. Saturday brought a lot of adventure as we toured the Basilica of St. Francis.  Upon our arrival at the basilica, the professors took turns providing their perspective on what this trip could offer us.  Although the short presentations were given from differing points of view – some philosophical, others more theological – they overlapped and built on each other.  Sr. Catherine encouraged us to enjoy the trip as a pilgrimage since we were able to “walk where other holy people have.”

She was followed by Dr. Lisot, who suggested we “let the artwork be a place of pilgrimage.”  Many students took this directive to heart as we toured the basilica and even hiked an hour up a mountain in the snow to the Hermitage of St. Francis for Mass.  After returning from the mountain and enjoying dinner, we were treated to a wine tasting, which everyone enjoyed. We missed Msgr. Fucinaro, who was absent due to the snow.

On Sunday morning, we once again celebrated Mass in Santo Stefano. We skipped our planned excursion to Santa Maria degli Angeli in order to ensure a timely arrival in Rome, in case our buses encountered delays on the slushy roads.

The excitement from the beautiful snow still had not worn off when we arrived at campus to find a foot of fluff coating everything.  A massive snowball fight broke out almost immediately upon arrival, and we spent over an hour releasing some energy after our busy weekend by attacking each other, our resident assistants and some of our professors.


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