Nashville’s Lady Antebellum comes to Dallas American Airlines Center


Meaghan Colvin
A&E Editor

Seven-time Grammy award-winning trio Lady Antebellum will be playing at the American Airlines Center Friday night. You may remember their catchy country song that hit the charts in 2010, “Need You Now.” Or maybe you’ve tried to block it out as best as you can, but to no avail. Though I was born and raised in “Music City” Nashville, I rarely endorse attending country concerts. But Lady is the exception to that rule.

Formed in 2006, Lady Antebellum got its start with songwriting. A combination of emotion and vocals led the trio to make appearances on local stages around Nashville’s Music Row. It’s tough to catch a break in a town like Nashville, but Lady A shined amongst many hopefuls. Maybe that’s because the band has always put its emphasis on the songwriting and the music that flows from such collaboration.

According to the fan website, band member Dave Haywood thinks that “What spawned our friendship was that special writing chemistry. That’s when we are the happiest, just sitting in a room together making music.”

Lead vocalist Hilary Scott also says on the homepage, “All these people who spend their hard-earned money on a concert ticket or a CD, they invest in us and who we are – not just in the music we play, but in our lives. So the least we can do in return is reciprocate that trust in the form of continuing to tour, create music and do our very best at both.”

Starting at $25, the ticket prices don’t cost an arm and a leg. If you are wanting to get off campus, Lady Antebellum will provide you with a little Southern comfort through song and entertainment.

Where? American Airlines Center
When? Feb. 18 at 7:30 p.m.



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