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Alli Faucher
Contributing Writer


Christina Andaloro
Pre-med, double Biology and Spanish major
From Phoenix, AZ
Spotted at Vigil Mass

Photo by Ali Faucher
Photo by Ali Faucher



Necklace: Swarovski crystal fish from Grandma

Cream-colored sweater from Gap

Bright orange pea coat from Old Navy: She stays away from plain, black coats

Denim button-down skirt: It’s borrowed from a friend

Purple tights: She has a fascination with brightly colored and patterned tights

Combat boots from Macy’s



AF:  If you could save only one item from your closet, what would it be?

CA: My point shoes.

AF: So you are a ballerina! How  has that influenced your fashion?

CA: I get inspiration from all the cool costumes we wear. Plus I wear a lot of light pink.

AF: What fashion rules do you live by?

CA: I think clothes are supposed to make you happy, but at the same time, you should listen to others’ advice. For example, my combat boots annoy my mom, but I wear them anyway because I love their old-fashioned look. On the other hand, I used to wear those empire-waist shirts, but I’m grateful my mom eventually talked me out of that style – they were unflattering on me.

AF: What kind of style do you go for?

CA: I enjoy bold patterns and colors. I like to be comfortable, but I also agree with the “leggings aren’t pants” movement.

AF:I definitely agree. Is there a certain accessory you can’t leave the house without?

CA: Well, my scapular [laughs], but I guess that’s not style. I love this leather-banded watch I took from my mom. I really like shopping with my mom, but now that I’m at UD, I am enjoying borrowing from my friends and getting ideas from different pieces that they wear.


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