DMA Late Nights: They come but once a month


Christine Hardey
Contributing Writer

The Dallas Museum of Art’s got it going on these days.  It’s at the ripe old age of 109 (just celebrated this January) and still kickin’ it.

If you’re looking for something to do this Friday night, the DMA’s got you covered.  Starting as early as 6 p.m. and lasting as late as midnight, the entire museum has a fun-filled evening planned for you.  Admission is $10, which gets you not only into the museum’s collection, but also into the extra events.


Here are some of the events offered this Friday evening:

6-7 p.m., Atrium: Classical music, including waltzes and tangos, will be played by Mary Medrick and Amy Faires.  (Shall we dance?)

6-9 p.m., Art Studio: A hands-on, creative event.  Go with a friend and combine your favorite works of art into one piece, with watercolor – the most difficult medium, arguably, and also arguably the most fun!

6-9:30 p.m., Seventeen Seventeen: Enjoy delicious Tapas dishes created to reflect works of art from the DMA.  (Delicioso!)

6-11:30 p.m., Tech Lab: Play a memory game which tests you on pieces of art you can find in the museum’s own collection.  (Maybe go to this after you’ve taken a peek at the museum itself…)

6:30 p.m., starting at Visitor Services: Dr. Anne Bromberg, the museum’s curator for Ancient and Asian Art, gives a personal tour of current exhibition “Face to Face: International Art at the DMA”.  (We really don’t get anything Eastern at the University of Dallas, so I’d recommend it.)

7 p.m., Horchow Auditorium: “Fresh Ink” will be a guest appearance by authors Richard Mason and Amor Towles, who will discuss their respective new books as well as their writing processes.  (Hey, fellow English majors, I know we have comps the morning after this thing, but wouldn’t this be cool?)

Starting at 7:30 p.m.: Duets of classical musicians, playing melodies from both East and West, will perform in the various museum galleries.  (This sounds so classy.)

8 p.m., Atrium: The Meadows World Music Ensemble will play a series of pieces from around the world, using instruments from Africa, Asia and Latin America to accompany traditional Western orchestral instruments.

8:30 p.m., starting at Visitor Services: Museum educator Melissa Nelson will give a tour of the museum, drawing connections between different works in the museum’s collection from different cultures.

9 p.m., Horchow Auditorium: A portrait artist and a professor of behavioral sciences will lead a discussion on the ways art can interact with science, and vice-versa.  They will also explore how manipulation through technology affects this relationship.  (Sounds like something for both art and psychology majors alike!)

Starting at 10 p.m., Atrium: Every month, there’s an “After Hours” Music Showcase, which includes several up-and-coming bands from the great state of Texas.  Genres range from alt-country and folk to acoustic and indie to good plain old rock and hip-hop.  The band playing this Friday is RTB2, which combines the sounds of folk-rock, soul and some experimental sound into its set list.  In 2011, the band was nominated by the “Dallas Observer” for “Best Group Act.”

Maybe you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to go into Dallas on a weekend and do something fun – and maybe Friday will have something to offer you at the DMA.


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