Thu. May 19th, 2022

Claire Ballor
Contributing Writer

Attention, University of Dallas men: On Feb. 14 your feminine counterparts will transform before your eyes. The women around you will become wide-eyed, wistful and absolutely desirous of your affection – because next Tuesday, it’s Valentine’s Day.

Admittedly, this “holiday” has evolved quite a bit since the days of Saint Valentine, but girls everywhere fall victim to the machinations of the Hallmark-ish festivities involving chocolate, roses and candle-lit dinners. Even those girls who are bitter about failed relationships or unrequited love and who refuse to participate in such frivolities have been known to join the 15 percent of women who send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day. Other girls, who anticipate this day all year long, hope desperately for a red-colored note from a secret admirer and anxiously await an invitation to dinner.

Navigating the social turbulence of such a holiday can be daunting for anyone, let alone a UD man who, admittedly, has very little experience with love-crazed women.

To help you settle a date without committing yourself to the inevitable UD marriage, here are a few tips for this Valentine’s Day:

1. First of all, find a way to show your affection without scaring her away. While poetry and romantic ballads may be helpful tools to express your feelings, there is a fine line between thoughtful and romantic and excessive and awkward. Keep it simple, yet be sincere.

2. Try to avoid excessively stereotypical Valentine’s Day gifts. Remember, this isn’t a holiday created simply to give chocolate and stuffed teddy bears. Rather, it’s an opportunity to show a girl that you care about her. Make your gift personal so it doesn’t look like you bought it last-minute from PDK.

3. Keep in mind, this isn’t a proposal. Sincerity and formality are necessary, but make sure to keep it lighthearted at the same time. Whether you are celebrating a seasoned relationship or just starting a budding romance, make sure it is a fun and memorable experience for both of you.

4. Last and most important, have confidence. No matter what you decide to do for your Valentine this year, do it with self-assurance. Take a chance, and I guarantee she will be impressed with your virile courage.

While I can’t guarantee you a date, I do believe that, by keeping these key points in mind this Valentine’s Day, you could actually score yourself a pleasant time with one of the fine young women here at UD. Who knows? – With these tips, this Valentine’s Day could be the first day of the rest of your life.

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