Underclassmen defeat upperclassmen in Groundhog Powder Puff game


Rachel Yuengert
Sports Editor

-----------------Photo by Michael Rutherford----------------- Senior Kellie Fitzpatrick sprints past freshman Brigid Callahan during the annual Groundhog Powder Puff flag football game.

This past Saturday, a team of junior and senior girls in purple faced off against the pink-clad sophomore and freshmen girls in the annual Groundhog Powder Puff flag football game.

It was a hard-fought game, with good plays on both sides, but in the end the underclassmen triumphed by a score of 8 -0.

The first half ended in a scoreless tie. Both teams brought the ball tantalizingly close to the endzone without making a touchdown.

The upperclassmen were unable to convert on first-down opportunities, although a few trick plays such as a double reverse and a quarterback sneak gained some big yardage. When the underclassmen got the ball, a strong passing game from freshman quarterback Nicole Johnson brought them within a few yards of a touchdown.

However, the junior and senior defenders stepped up their game and forced a turnover when the underclassmen could not convert on their fourth down.

In the second half, the underclassmen came out stronger than before. They continued to push forward aggressively, and their tenacity paid off when the quarterback found freshman Brigid Callahan open on the outside. Callahan caught the ball and, avoiding the defenders, ran it for a touchdown. Instead of going for the usual one extra point, the underclassmen decided to try for two extra points.

This turned out to be a good choice, since they were able to run the ball into the endzone once again to make the score 8-0.

The upperclassmen continued to push forward on offense for the rest of the half, but despite a few good run plays, in the end they were unable to answer the underclassmen’s challenge. When the referee blew the final whistle, the score stood at 8-0 in favor of the freshmen and sophomore girls.

The stands were packed with fans mostly wearing this year’s maroon Groundhog shirts and sweatshirts. When the game ended, the underclass team celebrated on the field, and their fans ran from the stands to join the excitement while the upperclassmen looked on.

But win or lose, the Groundhog Powder Puff game is a tradition that everyone can enjoy.


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