Mall a la Mode


Alli Faucher
Contributing Writer



Sara Bowes
“Handsome Beauty”
Theology major
From San Antonio, Texas

Photo by Ali Faucher


Vince black top from Nordstrom (favoite store)


Alligator-skin purse


Alligator-skin belt


Green trousers


Beloved briefcase (she doesn’t believe in backpacks)



AF: I love your alligator belt!

SB: Oh, thank you. My dad is an alligator hunter, and he gets the skin made into different products for my sisters, my mom and me. Look at this. [Sara puts her alligator skin purse on her lap and whips out a picture of the alligator that was used to make the purse!]

AF: Oh, my goodness! That is unbelievable! Does he do this for a living?

SB: No, it’s his hobby. He’s actually a doctor.

AF: Besides alligators, what influences your style?

SB: This is a little weird, but I love the costumes from the characters in Wes Anderson films. The clothes are classy with a hint of strangeness. I usually like to wear trousers with flowy shirts – anything that looks handsome and put together.

AF: Do you have a fear of repeating your clothes?

SB: Never. I have so many clothes.

AF: Do you shop at thrift stores?

SB: No, the first time I went to a thrift store was with UD people freshman year. One time I went to Buffalo Exchange with a huge box of clothes, and they didn’t want any of it because they said it looked too “old lady.”

AF: What do you not like to wear?

SB: I don’t wear jewelry or jeans. Except I wore jeans at Groundhog.

AF: Fun fact?

SB: When I was younger, I wore really big bows in my hair because my last name was Bowes.


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