Local charter school employs 37 UD students


Claire Ballor
Contributing Writer

-------------Photo Courtesy of Joe De La Torre------------- Junior Molly Rawicki poses for a photo with students from the North Hills Prepatory school. Currently, there are 37 UD students working for the institution’s after-school program.

Tough economic times call for today’s students to find practical ways of making money. North Hills Preparatory, a K-12 charter school located in Irving, offers great part-time opportunities for students who are looking to fit a job into their already demanding class schedules.

The after-school programs that the school offers for its K-8 students present ideal part-time jobs for University of Dallas students due to the convenient hours of the programs and close proximity of the school.

Many UD students over the years have worked for the school’s aftercare program, and this collaboration has lead to a long-standing relationship between the two institutions.

The director of North Hills’ after-school programs, Joe De La Torre, graduated from UD in 2011. He was able to offer valuable information on the programs and the dynamic between North Hills and the University of Dallas.

CB: How many UD students are currently working in the aftercare?

JD: We currently employ 37 UD students for this school year.

CB: What is it like to have so many UD students working together in the same place?

JD: Working with so many UD students in the same place creates a very enjoyable work environment!  Everyday, UD employees organize sports and activities for the North Hills students.  They also work on arts and crafts projects, play board games, and watch movies with the students. It is a great place to get away from the stress of UD coursework.

CB: Why do UD students make good candidates for this job?

JD: UD students have always been hired as employees in the aftercare program because of their availability and their reliability.  It is such a great comfort to know that I can rely on my employees to act as great role models for the students.

CB: What is the relationship between the school and UD?

JD: The North Hills Prep aftercare programs have been entirely staffed and run by UD students since 2003.

CB: How do students get involved with the program?

JB: Employees are interviewed and hired at the end of each school year.  We will be holding interviews in early April for positions opening in the upcoming school year.  It is an excellent part-time job for UD students, and the program only runs for a few hours in the afternoons, so it is not a big time commitment. If anyone is interested in hearing more about the program, they are more than welcome to contact me at joe.nhpaftercare@gmail.com.



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