UD wellness: White Rock Lake


Luke Hollomon
Contributing Writer

This week, on a bike ride around White Rock Lake, I stopped to talk to some other exercisers about this active haven in Dallas.

First, a bit of info about the lake. A short 20-minute drive brings you to the lake’s well-maintained grounds. The main draw is a 9.3-mile bike/run path that loops around the lake, which is arguably the most popular exercise trail in Dallas.

And for good reason. According to a “Dallas Morning News” review, “the trail is jogger heaven” due to its smooth asphalt and pretty views.

The people around the lake shared the same sentiments throughout the morning.  Dawn Keegan, a frequent visitor, said, “It’s truly a haven in the cement jungle. […] Go there for every season.”

Jane Carpenter, a woman from Chicago visiting her family, said, “I like that all the cyclists, runners and walkers respect each other.  I would love to have something like this close to my home.” Cyclist

Michael Tucker agreed, saying, “I like the path for biking because it has a good variety of turns, hills and bridges.”

These people only capture part of the heart of the lake. It also has picnic facilities, places to watch the sunset and ducks, and much more.

This however, is a wellness column, not an area review.  For the wellness aspect, we turn to Matthew Yang, a jogger at the lake. “The thing about White Rock is that everyone has the exercise spirit, so it is inspiring to be there,” he said. “Being surrounded by so many other exercisers really helps me reach my goals.”

That is why one should try White Rock Lake as a new site for exercise – its spirit is one of activity. Being around many others walking, riding or cycling for fitness helps you accomplish your goals as well.

Another fun fitness aspect is that there is a running race at White Rock Lake approximately every two to three weeks. Runontexas.com and Whiterockracing.com keep calendars of the races going on there.

White Rock Lake is one of many places in the Dallas area to meet both fitness enthusiasts and those trying to find their feet in the arena of exercise. Check it out for a fun place to be fit.


Wellness tip of the week: Find a new trail or area for exercise to revamp your routine.


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