Mall a la Mode


Alli Faucher
Contributing Writer

Varea Costello
“Pre-med Posh”
From Anchorage, Alaska
Theology, Pre-med
Plays UD baseball

Photo by Ali Faucher


Gray, collared long-sleeve.


Calvin Klein shoulder bag


Dark-blue corduroy, cuffed because they are too long (and it looks better that way)


Penny loafers with matching dress socks.



AF: How has your wardrobe changed since freshman year?

VC:  I have evolved from an earring-wearing, Abercrombie style to something more refined as I approach medical school. My sisters, who are now 19 and 17, started buying me clothes, and I gradually noticed my clothes looked a lot nicer.

AF: Do you wear a lot of name-brand clothing? How do you afford to look so nice?

VC:  I am a bargain shopper because I am on a budget as a student. I am brand-conscious not because it is more expensive, but because I trust that these big brands are fashionable, and I won’t be misled when purchasing their clothes.

AF: What’s fashion like in your hometown?

VC: It seems like Alaska is about a step behind everybody else in fashion. People will wear muck boots anywhere. I guess fashion isn’t as much a priority because everyone tries to stay warm.

Fast Facts:
– Favorite look: Plaid shirts with tie

– Necessary accessory: Watch

– Fashion must: Match socks with shoes, and no athletic socks with dress shoes

– Best brands: Polo, Calvin Kelin, Perry Ellis, Nautica

– Faux pas: Clothing that hasn’t been ironed


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