Letter from the Editor


We are all well aware of the superstition surrounding Groundhog Day, namely that the groundhog’s emergence from its hole on February 2 signals the early end of winter (though, given the lovely winter weather we’d had thus far, I think the groundhog was a bit too eager this year). If, however, the groundhog fears its shadow and scurries back into its hole, the country will be thrown into another six weeks of winter.

This is a marvelous superstition: Not only are thousands of people riveted to the movements of a rodent, whose animal instincts forecast the weather and determine, by extension, both our wardrobes and our outdoor activities for the next several weeks, but people all around the country have a perfectly logical reason to celebrate nonsense.

The UD community, for instance, has built up its own traditions around Grounghog Day, such as the champagne breakfast, 5K run, Powder Puff game, and (especially) the Party in the Park. But the great thing about these traditions is that we have made them our own; we have given them meaning. Our traditions enable us to celebrate who we are, to strengthen our ties as a community, and to just have fun.

So cheers to nonsense, and cheers to shadows at morning, striding behind us.

Christian Howard
Managing Editor


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