Greetings from the Rome class of spring 2012


Kelsey Clary
Contributing Writer

---------------Photo courtesy of Kelsey Clary------------ Sophomores Zach Santonil, Rachel Vaske and Arianna Zeb enjoy an evening wine-tasting hosted by Msgr. Fucinaro on the UD Rome campus.

Our first week in Rome is complete, and everyone is still just as enthusiastic as when we stepped off the plane in the Rome Airport at Fiumicino. Our week was filled with orientation activities, our first Rome classes and several excursions into the city.  At this point, most students are pretty comfortable with the bus and subway systems into and around the city.

We used the knowledge we had gained from our fabulous Rome Assistants’ tours of the city to compete in a scavenger hunt on Wednesday.

Sophomore Valerie Pasket said, “My group found it helpful that we had all had different tour guides, so our collective knowledge of the city was more expansive.”

While some of the goals were a simple matter of finding the right famous site, like the Pantheon or Trajan’s Column, other goals often required students to attempt a little Italian communication to convince a couple to kiss on camera or some other random tourists to stage a fight. By the time we were treated to a delicious Italian dinner, we were all worn out.

On Saturday, following a stroll down the Appia Antica to visit the catacombs of St. Sebastian, Msgr. Fucinaro hosted a wine tasting that all of us – students, RAs and professors – greatly enjoyed.  Four Italian wines were served along with cheeses, antipasti, steak and dessert.  The students were encouraged to share their own reactions to the various wines.  The wine-tasting setting was a perfect way to celebrate the end of an eventful first week in Rome.

We are all thrilled to see what awaits us in next weekend’s class trip to Orvieto and Assisi and in the rest of the semester. Ciao!


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