Dallas Year events broaden students’ horizons


Linda Smith
Contributing Writer

The Dallas Year program gives students the chance to experience the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and all it has to offer at exceptional prices year-round.
With an eclectic list of events for this semester, everyone can find an event through DY. Programming Intern Grace Ballor gives some insight into the steps she took to find these events and the purpose and importance of DY on campus.

LS: What is the process for finding DY events like? How do you find events that will interest students?

GB: Before creating the calendar of DY events at the start of each semester, I survey the student body to learn what kinds of events interest UD undergraduates. I then spend several weeks researching all of the upcoming festivals, concerts and events in the DFW area, being careful to make sure that I diversify the calendar enough to meet the interests of each kind of student.

LS: How do you determine ticket prices?

GB: Determining ticket prices is actually kind of complicated. The university gives me a budget for each semester, but those funds never cover the entire cost of Dallas Year. When I became the DY programming intern, I committed to never charging more than $10 for a regular event. (We do, on occasion, offer special events, like the professional cooking class, that cost quite a bit more, and we charge more as a result.) Therefore, I create an algorithm to help me determine which events we can run for free, which ones will cost $5, and which ones will cost $10.

LS: What are some of the most popular choices for DY events?

GB: DY was designed to give UD undergraduates the chance to explore the DFW metroplex in a way they could not do without free transportation and subsidized ticket costs. It seems, then, that the most successful and most popular events are ones that really transcend the scope of the daily life of a typical student. Events like a big-name concert at the House of Blues or a day at Six Flags amusement park are huge hits, simply because most students would never have those experiences without Dallas Year.

LS: What do you hope students get from DY overall?

GB: As I said above, DY hopes to give UD students the opportunity to experience things they might not otherwise have the chance to. I hope that the events I have selected for spring 2012 offer new adventures, new opportunities and new experiences to the undergraduate community, whether it be Billy Bob’s Texas or a professional cooking class.

LS: Which events are you most excited for this semester?

GB: I am a huge fan of new experiences, so I most appreciate the events that are unusual and adventurous. I am most excited for the Trinity River canoe trip and the Paintball events, but I think that this semester in particular will offer something for everyone.


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