Core Decorum


Dear Decorum,

I have allowed a friend visiting Dallas to crash on my living room couch for over a week now. There are no signs of her leaving anytime in the future. My place is a wreck, my roommates are getting more and more annoyed (she’s been eating our groceries), and I am getting tired of playing hostess. Admittedly I did say, “Stay as long as you like,” but I thought this was a quick visit. How do I politely ask her to leave so that I can get on with my life?
–Enervated Entertainer


Dear Enervated,

Now you see why it’s always important to set the starting and ending dates of any “drop in.” However, circumstances being what they are, it’s best to spell it out to your friend that you and your roommates need to get back to the routine schedule. It’s a good idea to mention concrete dates and times. If the crasher is a true friend, she’ll respect your wishes when you tell her. If she acts reluctant in any way, offer different compromises and accommodations, such as nearby motels, hotels, etc. If you keep quiet, you will end up resenting the couch crasher, and your roommates will end up resenting you. And worst of all, that couch crasher may be there ‘til you graduate.


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