Mall a la Mode


Alli Faucher
Contributing Writer

Hunter Mills
“Comfortable and Confident”
From Roanoke, TX

Photo by Ali Faucher


Scarf: She has one for practically every day.


Cropped leather jacket: It was picked out by a friend.


V-neck: She prefers simple tees to blouses.


Cuffed skinny jeans: Although bell-bottoms are back, she’s sticking with those skinny jeans.


Leopard flats: They’re her favorites.



AF: What does your closet look like?

HM: Almost everything in my closet matches. I have a low-key and easy style. Before coming to UD, I worked in trend forecasting. The trade shows were always really glitzy, so I needed to keep my outfits simple.

AF: Was there a pressure to be fashionable with that job?

HM: Well, there was a pressure to dress well and write well for the trend-spotting blog.

AF: Do you like to dress up or dress down?

HM: I don’t really dress up in skirts, but I like to look put-together. I don’t really dress down. Maybe I’d wear black sweatpants, but I’ve never gone out in athletic shoes. I’m not athletic, so it’s just not me.

AF: Does your style change often?

HM: No, I like to stick to what I’m used to. I do experiment with my hair though.

Additional comment from Senior Phil Cerroni:
“Unlike other people who try to pull off the feather extensions, Hunter is the only person I know who can pull them off by making them look awesome and amazingly classy.”


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