Letter from the Editor


As I’m sure you will agree, the best part of Christmas break was seeing family and old friends. Of course, the most common question that I was asked is, “So, how would you rate the University of Dallas now that you’re going into your last semester?” When I was first asked this question, I had to pause for two reasons: First, it hit me that this is my last semester (good grief, where has the time gone?!), and second, I needed time to consider the question.

What are the highlights of UD? The Rome semester, of course – but then again, what would the Rome semester be without our friends? The classes, perhaps? Yes, but what would they be without our professors?

My answer, then, was the very same one that I gave nearly four years ago when I was asked why I chose UD: I came here because of the people, the amazing community of friends and scholars – and they have always measured up to the mark.

So as we all begin this semester – and especially the seniors, for whom this is their last – I encourage you to take the time to know and appreciate the people who constitute our incredible university.

Have a blessed beginning of the semester!

Christian Howard
Managing Editor


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