The Nutcracker Cotillion: an evening of dancing


Jamie Kuntz
Contributing Writer

Every girl, whether she admits it or not, delights in the opportunity to get ready for a dance. There’s something cathartic about ignoring that stack of homework that needs to be done and, if only for one night, putting on a pretty dress and an unpractical pair of high heels and dancing the night away. Winter Cotillion, one of the favorite University of Dallas traditions, is the perfect event to cater to this secret Cinderella complex, and this year it certainly didn’t disappoint.

The casual dancers might have been in awe over the transformation of the cafeteria, since the members of RHA put a lot of time and energy into the creation of the beautiful Nutcracker-themed dance hall. Planning for the event started in early November.

“I didn’t realize how many details went into it until I was in charge of all those details,” said Catherine Fletcher, the RHA co-chair for Winter Cotillion. “I enjoyed being able to keep up the classiness.”

“Classy” was a word that was thrown around quite often at the dance, from the compliments regarding a friend’s suit or dress to the beautiful decorations. Tiffany Tran, the treasurer of RHA and representative of the fourth floor New Hall, said that the decorations were deceptively difficult.

“The hardest thing was locating actual Nutcrackers!” she said. “All the stores are into Santas and snowmen now. The nutcrackers were a pain to find.”

Tran also said that the snow on the windows took three trips to the store to get, as they kept running out of it while decorating.

The actual decorating process was an all-day affair. Tran said that they started at one o’clock and didn’t completely finish until around 6 or 7 p.m. Many students who attended the event, such as sophomore Justin Blan, would agree that their hard work was completely worth it.

“It was very well planned,” Blan said. “I liked the theme, ‘The Nutcracker.’ For me it had a lot of good memories attached to it.”

He also said that he enjoyed the Cotillion tradition of filling out dance cards, as he was able to dance with so many different friends.

“Part of the fun of Cotillion was that even if you don’t know some of the dances, like the rumba or the cha-cha, you can just make it up,” he said.

Many of the dancers at Cotillion took this to heart; one of the best dances of the night was the tango, at which point every boy on the dance floor stuck a rose in his mouth and began strutting around dramatically.

There is no doubt that the night was an unmerited success, due entirely to the hard work of the RHA. At the end of the night they were shown that their hard work had not gone unnoticed.

“All the guys who went to Winter Cotillion stayed back and helped clean up,” Tran said. “It would have taken much longer, but it went by really quickly because we had so much help. RHA is really thankful for that.”


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