The best way to spend your Christmas break


Joe Kaiser
Contributing Writer

After a long and difficult semester, most of us are looking forward to the comforts of home.  Thoughts of stockings, hot chocolate and the Yuletide probably will distract you during the next crucial weeks.  One question that comes to mind in these moments of distraction is “What would be the best way to spend my break?”

Those who intend to come back for Interterm are probably concerned students, looking to get an edge, or more likely, you forgot that there were actually three philosophy classes you needed to take for the Core.  Whether getting ahead or catching up, one thing is for sure: You have traded your hard-earned free time and possibility of fun for doing more work in a place where it doesn’t snow.  Interterm classes also meet on Saturdays, so your plans for doing something really productive on the weekends is out the door.  This definitely does not seem like the ideal way to spend a Christmas break, but if it’s a necessity, then more power to you for throwing fun out for business.

Some decide that they will fully embrace the feelings of the season and catch up with old friends and family.  This is a great plan, at least for the first two weeks, until you start to feel like you’re in high school again.  Honestly, who, by week three or four of break, does not miss some aspect of UD?  And unless you are a master planner, your friends and you will probably do the same thing for the remaining two weeks, or at least until your friends go back to school and you’re stuck wishing the next semester started already.

Some of you may also have grand ideas to go skiing or maybe visit a new place.  If traveling fits your budget, good for you: I’m jealous.  But regardless, by the end you’ll find yourself without gas money for next semester.  Or possibly you’ll stay in Jakarta, because you can surf all day, even when it’s winter in the States.

So, what is the best way to spend your break?  It depends.  I would give a few guidelines, though, regardless of where or who you are.  Plan to do something new, whatever it may be, to break up the inevitable monotony of our generous break.  Also, you should be thankful for being able to go home, and should give time to your family, no matter if your friends are doing something else, because this is the one time they get to see you for another four months.

The most important thing is to relax and have fun, and I understand that is ambiguous, but please, for the love of the Christ child, do not spend your entire break playing Skyrim or catching up on the Kardashians.  Do something you’ll remember for the rest of your life, or at least something you can tell your friends at UD instead of the fact you leveled up so many times in Skyrim you’re now a super-secret assassin.


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