Hotspot: Campania Pizza & More


Linda Smith
Contributing Writer

Even after living my whole life only two hours away from Dallas, I had never spent a day downtown.  I always occupied myself outside the heart of the city until a couple weekends ago, when I ventured with a group of friends down McKinney Avenue, a street well-known for its many restaurants, bars, clubs and stores. We went on the hunt for a good, memorable meal on our first outing in Dallas. In case you were wondering, wandering a major Dallas street without a game plan is not the best idea.  We walked for two hours before we happened upon a tiny Italian restaurant, which definitely strayed from the opulence and magnitude we were originally seeking. Famished and in need of a reprieve on our feet, five of my girlfriends and I stopped in at Campania Pizza & More.

My first impression was of the quaint décor and layout of the restaurant. Being used to big, mainstream eateries, I was impressed with the look of the place and how even their stores of wine added to the aesthetics of the restaurant. Also, when we first arrived, all of the tables except ours were filled with people, happily gorging on pizza, giving me an instant assurance of a great meal.
We were seated at two intricate mosaic tables and promply given our first round of beverages.  We then perused the menu until we settled on two medium pizzas, each halved so that we ended up with four slices each of cheese, pepperoni, Hawaiian and margherita. After a couple rounds of napkin Hangman and scores of pictures, our food arrived. The thin crust, true to the actual style of Italian pizza, and balance of sauce, cheese and toppings provided for an excellent meal that we devoured in no more than 15 minutes.

After dinner, we found Campania’s crown jewel on the dessert menu: Nutella pizza. The Nutella pizza is adequately named; a lightly toasted, thin crust is smothered in the chocolate hazelnut spread and then ornamented with a never-ending spiral of whipped cream. Not being the biggest Nutella fan, I was a little skeptical about this dish, but was astonished at the quality of this simple dessert. The right flavors combined in their proper amounts gave the dish a unique, perfectly blended taste that I highly recommend.

Overall, I’m happy to say that my first downtown Dallas meal was at Campania’s. Our service was great, and the food was satisfactorily prepared (and eaten!). I can see myself being one of the loyal customers enjoying a meal on a Friday night next time another group of students walks in and gets a meal befitting praise.


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